Since 1984 we have offered Alaskan companies site maintenance services including, but not limited to:

scheduled generator runs, fluid checks, snow removal, building upkeep and remote installs.


Keyed  access control
Another access control installation at a local Alaskan business.
IP Camera & Security installation
Our Alibi camera systems provide the highest resolution footage for a crisp image.
Just another day in the 907
Cable pull
Pulling networking cable for a camera system through the attic space of a cabin built in 1950.
Flying into Nanwalek for GCI
One of our many locations traveled to for GCI. On this trip we realigned a dish delivering internet for the town.
Fixing a cable
The original install was just laying on the ground, and animals had chewed through. We replaced the cable and added metallic weatherproof conduit.
Moving snow
Removing snow for State of Alaska at their microwave sites on the peninsula.
More cabling
Installing cameras on the top of a gas station canopy. Weather proofing is VERY important.
Putting up a CB antenna
Installed a CB antenna for a local business's disaster preparedness plan. It was roughly 50ft in total length.
Another camera installation
Just a few cameras installed for a business in the Alaskan interior.
Cabling in the attic
Taking the time to do the job right, pulling CAT5 cable through an attic space for high definition cameras.
Replacing tower lights
Replacing tower lights for the SoA in Seldovia.
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